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Snow Removal

Parking lots to driveways we specialize in full snow removal and salting procedures. In Central New York the proper equipment to withstand our harsh winters is a must. AML Property Maintenance has the man-power and equipment to get the job done the first time.

We provide snow removal service to manage those inconvenient or dangerous drifts. Our emergency snow plowing service can dispatch an operator in a moments notice.  If  your vehicle is stuck in the driveway or a sudden storm drift has you stranded, we can free your vehicle. No matter how rough the winter months get.

Snow Plowing Warners, NY

Our reliable plowing service works around the clock to make sure your property is ready for your departure to work and your homecoming.

With dedicated trucks to all of our commercial properties we assure your parking lot is as important as if it were our own, with multiple visits per storm we make sure the traffic in and out is in good hands!

Roof Snow and Ice Removal

Ice dams can cause major roof damage


Removing Snow From Roof Decreases Ice Dams

Ice Melter Equals Happy Roof & Gutters

Central New York can withstand some pretty harsh winters. With that comes mass amounts of snow and ice buildup on your home or business.

Starting at the top we shovel our way to the bottom, once all the snow is removed we make sure all ice buildup is carefully and properly removed for the safety of your home.

Another option we offer is the installation of heat tape along the eave. This can also be installed in the valleys of your roof to eliminate ice buildup for years to come.